The first post for INF206

•November 20, 2011 • Leave a Comment

There  is a question that must be answered in this post, and that question is: What does Social Networking mean to me?  Well, right now, before getting too far into studying this subject, it means creating and maintaining contacts and interactions with people who share similar interests, beliefs, or hobbies.  Before the internet this was done by joining clubs or informal classes or groups, or meeting up on the town, with most interaction in person, or over the phone.  Social networks were thus quite limited by geography.  Now, with the internet, and ever more sophisticated ICT and networking tools, the limitations have been lifted and the definition of Social Networking has shifted to mean online.  Even those older, physical social networks have been enhanced by these new tools.  For some of my “real life” (as opposed to those I have only known online) friends, I now have upwards of 6 different ways to communicate with them.

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