What does it mean to be librarian 2.0?

To me, librarian 2.o is a not a tightly defined thing to be.  It still has ties to traditional library skills and services, but is looking forward to new technologies and trends, further afield in the community, well beyond the library’s walls, and experimenting, learning from mistakes and building on successes by listening to feedback from users and networking with peers.

At this stage, being an effective information professional is closely tied with using social media.  As Harvey stresses in her article, What Does It Mean to Be a Science Librarian 2.0?, it is not good enough to just choose a social media platform and run with it.  Librarian 2.0 needs to go where the users are, but also needs to use the platforms that are going to perform the best for the required task.  Sometimes this will mean adopting the latest trends, but sometimes an older platform will perform better.  Harvey also notes that combining a new platform with an older communication method can make both of them more effective.

To discover what will be most effective it is important that librarian 2.0 experiments with all the latest innovations, pays attention to how clients are using them, and encourages and listens to feedback from users.  Nearly all social media platforms encourage a conversation rather than merely delivering a message, and it is important to acknowledge or respond to client participation.  To that end, it is also important that librarian 2.0 is not trying to use too many platforms at once, resulting in client input or questions being missed, rendering the platform ineffective.

It is also important for librarian 2.0 to use all these tools to deliver resources that are useful to their clients and help clients to build awareness of resources appropriate to meet their needs, both within and without the library’s collection.


~ by nomidale on January 30, 2012.

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