Discovering Delicious

Delicious is one of the tools we get to play with in INF206 that I have never played with before.  I had heard of it quite a few times, but had never gotten around to actually going to the site, let alone  using it.

My first impression was that it would be a good place to back up your browser bookmarks on a regular basis so that you can access them on any computer, which makes a lot of sense if you are travelling without your own machine but still want to access all your favourite sites.  But that’s not got much to do with social networking.

When I tried to add other people’s link feeds to follow I found it quite clunky.  It is very easy to search links through tags, but there doesn’t appear to be a search for users.  Eventually I figured out I could write the username I was looking for into the URL where my username was at the time to bring up their profile and link their feed to my feeds page from there.

A more serendipitous way to add people to your feed is to find a link you like that has multiple saves, and browse other people who have saved that link to see if you would like to follow them in your feed.  If so, add them.

I quite like the Stack feature where you can house similar links together making them easier to browse, without excluding the ones that don’t have the exact tags, as merely filtering tags would do.  Also, stacks can be shared through their URLs. I could see a library creating multiple subject-specific stacks to help their clients find relevant and valuable websites and pages to browse, much the same way some libraries file newspaper clippings by subject.

Another feature I noticed is that you can incorporate an “add to” button to your  own websites and pages.  This is something that Picture Australia has done on all it’s result pages.  A similar button can also be added to your bookmarks bar to make adding links to delicious even easier.


~ by nomidale on January 12, 2012.

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